‘DWTS’ Which Celeb Didn’t Make It Past Week One?

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Every season of Dancing With The Stars has to have a first cut, and the first cut is always the deepest and most painful. Season 19 offered no exception.

It doesn’t matter your background, or how large your fan base when you take to the floor on Week 1 of DWTS. You have to bring the goods, or you’re going to face possible elimination.

Monday night’s premier of the new season of DWTS had its fair share of “ugh,” as new contestants struggled with choreography, and the awkwardness of having never really danced before. It also had its fair share of “wow,” when other contestants took to the floor, and offered a little inspiration for what’s to come.

Lea Thompson’s skill set was no surprise, considering her past in ballet–her lines were exquisite–but after a 30 plus year layoff from serious dance? Still, she’s an early favorite. Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty… who saw that performance coming? This girl could train, and become a legit ballroom dancer if she desired. There was no way she was going home after her first performance.

Sadly, it was another with Louisiana ties who couldn’t muster a quality performers for the judges, and the audience at home. When mistakes are made that are obvious to the layperson watching at home, it’s gonna be a tough row to hoe. That’s exactly what happened to track star, Lolo Jones, during her first performance. The Iowa native, and Louisiana State University legend may have too much perfectionist, and definitely has too much self-loathing in her bones after making mistakes.

Finishing her dance on Monday night, she referred to herself as “awful,” and pretty much sealed the deal. She could have stated, “I’m gonna kill it next time; my nerves got the best of me…” But that’s not Lolo Jones.

To see more on her awkward elimination, check out the video below.


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