Ed Sheeran Reveals He Was Once Homeless

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There are few things as inspiring as a rags to riches success story. This is especially true when the story surrounds a budding young talent, who only needed the right people to hear what he could do.

Ed Sheeran was once homeless, living on the streets, just trying to get anyone to listen to his music. He tagged no address as a permanent, or semi-permanent place to stay. He would often crash out on the subways, where he found the best and safest environment for sleeping.

Ed is far from the first celebrity to experience homelessness. And sometimes, it’s those experiences which help a person find their most inspired state. Some might suggest drugs as being the great influence among singer-songwriters and bands, but being sober and deprived of comfort, and a regular feeding schedule may trump all other influences. Once low enough, all inhibition is lost, and a whole lot of “let me show you what I can do!” is found.

For the 23 year old Ed Sheeran, the plight of homelessness came at the right age, and his focus allowed him to keep making music, instead of caring for “things” he had accumulated, or drop his dimes on a London flat that would rob some of his mojo. He simply did what he needed to do as a musician and creative artist, and only ever saw his situation as temporary. Kudos, Ed, and welcome to the club. He’s joining members Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Jim Carrey, Sylvester Stallone, Daniel Craig, Shania Twain, William Shatner… the list goes on.

For more on Ed Sheeran’s inspiring rise to fame, check out the video below.

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