Eliza Dushku Robbed: Tweets About Scary Incident

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The power of Twitter… so impressive. Eliza Dushku was able to prod authorities and the public to action after she was mugged at her hotel in Rhode Island.

It’s too bad there’s no real life Charlie Baileygates of the Rhode Island State Police. He could have solved this crime in a matter of minutes. Sadly, Eliza Dushku had to rely on local police, and Omni Hotel security to apprehend the perpetrators of the crime.

What happened?

Eliza was in Providence, RI, doing the rounds at Rhode Island Comicon. These Comicons have become big business, and with big celebrations come a few seedy individuals. In this case, a couple dudes dressed in Halloween costumes, who forcefully took Eliza’s Louis Vuitton bag, and fled the scene into the hotel.

Was it a robbery? Details are still sketchy. If they took her purse without the threat of a weapon, technically no, it was not a robbery. We’re pretty sure Eliza was mugged.

The really scary thing about the entire incident is that the guys were allegedly staying at the hotel, and one dude was wearing a gold Cesar costume. After all, when you’re going to steal something from a celebrity, it’s best to throw on the most conspicuous thing you can possibly wear.

Eliza turned to Twitter for help, after it seemed the hotel and police representatives could do nothing in the immediate. Eventually, the two men were apprehended, and Eliza’s bag was returned. More than the stuff on the inside, she was concerned about losing the bag, which was a gift from friend, Sharon Osbourne.


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