Ellen Degeneres’ Hilarious Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ Spoof

CarlaVanWagoner /

Ellen Degeneres can dance just like Nicki Minaj!

Okay, that might not be true — but the 56 year-old talk show host certainly made an effort in a new spoof of Nicki’s video for the sexy hit song “Anaconda.”

When Nicki appeared on Ellen’s talk show, Ellen claimed that she danced only to try and help Nicki garner even more views. “If you would have put on the version that I was in, the version that I shot with you, it would have had more views,” she said. “So I’m gonna show them” (her live in-studio audience).

Truth be told, Nicki doesn’t really need Ellen’s help; her “Anaconda” video recieved a whopping 19.6 million views on just its first day of release.

Wearing short jean cutoffs, a white tank top and all kinds of 80s jewelry, Ellen does her best to twerk it and fit in with the other dancers shaking their buns. Check out the video to see Ellen’s hilarious Nicki Minaj spoof!

“What did you just do?” Nicki asked with a laugh after seeing the spoof. “You are hilarious.”

“There was a lot of booty poppin’ right there,” Ellen said. “And I maybe popped a booty muscle or something.”

It seems that it was worth it for the sake of comedy! What do you think of the spoof?

Check out the hilarious video below:


Amanda Young