Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Prank Jimmy Kimmel

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

The holiday-themed prank war between John Krasinski, wife Emily Blunt and their beloved neighbor, Jimmy Kimmel continues in 2014.

You may remember last year when Jimmy Kimmel hired a crew to completely wrap John and Emily’s home with wrapping paper, and decorate their property with giant nutcracker dolls and a variety of over-the-top Christmas cheer.

Jimmy is a master of pranks, and he has even gotten all of us with a few–none better than the twerking girl who caught on fire and the video went viral just so Jimmy could prove to us that we’re all a bit idiotic when it comes to stuff on the Interwebs.

Fortunately, in the battle with the Krasinski/Blunt couple, they can regularly return the favor.

As Jimmy left the studio following a taping this week, he approached his SUV to find it completely wrapped in gift paper. He didn’t need to ask. He knew it was the work of John Krasinski. You can imagine Jimmy clutching his fist, and forcefully blasting a whisper: “Krasinski!”

In this case, gift wrapping the entire vehicle wasn’t the only aspect of the prank. John was also privy to the inside of Jimmy’s SUV, and you’ll have to see that part of the prank for yourself. It’s rather perfect.

Now, let’s talk about how cool it would be to live next door to these two dudes… and Emily Blunt.

The only thing that dials the pranks back a notch on the scale of prankdom is the fact that these people can pay for other people to clean up the messes.

Yep. You gotta check out the video below to see how Krasinski got back at Kimmel.


James Sheldon