Eminem Visits Home Of Dying Fan

Photo by MediaPunch / Rex Features

Photo by MediaPunch / Rex Features

Eminem has a bigger heart than he might let on. Sure, he’s probably too old to still be rapping about issues with his mom, and the degradation of women in general, but we all know that it comes from a place of deep pain and anguish. Which, in some strange way, may make him more compassionate than the average individual when Eminem, the rapper, is off, and Marshall Mathers, the man, is on.

On Sunday, Eminem made a visit to Rochester Hills, Michigan, to the home of a fan who has been given just over a week to live. Gage Garmo, a 17 year old who has been fighting bone cancer for three years, dreamed of meeting Eminem–his favorite entertainer. Gage was most recently given a grim prognosis, and family and friends realized the chance to make some dreams come true was now or never.

An organization called Rainbow Connection went to work on a meet-up, but only after an army of family, friends and then viral supporters took to the cause via social media. The photo of Gage and his story swept through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. After the right people caught wind of the situation, the rubber immediately hit the road.

According to the representatives of Rainbow Connection who accompanied Eminem (who came with friend, and label-mate Royce da 5’9″) to the Garmo’s home, the moments were full of excitement, yet incredibly quiet and intimate at the same time. Gage’s family said that it was the first time they saw him sit up on the couch and welcome a visitor in quite some time. The 17 year old was quite literally on the brink of death.

The bittersweet ending of the story… Gage has passed away. He died early Monday evening, one day after meeting his favorite celebrity.


James Sheldon