Eva Mendes’ First Post Baby Interview With Ellen – Watch!

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Two months after giving birth to her first child, daughter Esmeralda, with boyfriend Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes is slowly easing back into life as a celebrity, starting with an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday December 3.

Of course DeGeneres had to address the extremely secretive pregnancy Mendes, 40, had as neither her nor Gosling actually every confirmed publicly that they were expecting.

DeGeneres jokingly called Mendes a “liar” and showed her a clip from a previous spot on the show when she refused to talk about expecting a baby but Mendes defended her “lies” stating, “Not really because I was early on! All moms will understand you’re not supposed to tell anybody during your first…well certainly not the world…in your first trimester. My mother didn’t even know yet,” the actress explained.

She also explained that keeping the pregnancy a secret was because it was their “first opportunity to protect her [Esmeralda] and so that I had a nice calm pregnancy.”

A calm pregnancy was a good thing because Mendes confessed all calm is gone with a newborn in the house saying that while the baby is not sleeping through the night, the couple is adjusting well. “We’re getting the hang of it, the sleeping thing, but yeah I’m exhausted and it’s the best […] I thought I was tired before at times, but no. Nothing like this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

It also cannot be denied that Mendes who is naturally gorgeous, looks great only two months after welcoming baby Esmeralda, with DeGeneres stating, “You look fantastic. I know you have strong opinions about all the pressure that new moms have.”

Mendes responded with, “Yeah, you know, the whole bounce back thing, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, ease up. It’s okay, we don’t have to. Eventually, maybe, but certainly not in a couple weeks,” although she did say breastfeeding has helped her as well as eating healthy.

While Mendes is beginning to talk more and more about her daughter with Gosling and adjusting to motherhood, there has been no word from the handsome actor about how he is adjusting to fatherhood with a baby girl.

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