Eva Mendes Sparks Pregnancy Rumors at Airport!

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Is Eva Mendes pregnant?

The 39 year-old actress sparked pregnancy rumors when she was going through the security line at Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend.

Eva refused to go through the body scanner, opting instead for a manual pat-down by TSA employees. Rumors swirled that Eva actually told the staff that the decision to avoid the scanner was made because she was pregnant – but were those rumors completely made up? Eva wore somewhat baggy clothes, but no baby bump was visible.

Check out the video to see the official response from her representative!

Also up in the air is whether Eva is still dating fellow actor Ryan Gosling. Back in 2011 they were spotted holding hands and kissing at Disneyland, but they haven’t been seen together in months, causing some to speculate that they must have split up a while ago.

A source claims that the couple felt that things were moving too quickly, and they decided to take a break. Eva and Ryan are known to be reserved when it comes to talking about their relationship in public; when New York Maagzine asked her about her relationship with Ryan in early 2013, she replied,  “That’s where I start to shut down, because it gets into personal territory that I don’t feel comfortable talking about. So sorry.”

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