Fans Blast Beyonce After Possible Photoshop Fail

s_bukley /

Oh, Beyonce. She’s done it again. She has allowed a Photoshop’d image to make it into the mix of social media. And her alleged fans are not happy about it.

Remember back… a few months ago… Beyonce offered a photo on a golf course, showing off an impossible thigh gap, and there was an Internet riot. Most of us were annoyed, because the thigh gap is not something to aspire toward. If someone’s hips and legs are set offering a thigh gap, great. If not… there is a lot of appeal to the converging lines of muscular thighs–which is exactly what Beyonce has. Why she’d mess with it…? It leaves us to wonder.

Here’s the deal. Beyonce takes pride in her bootylicious body, and she’s not afraid of showing of her thighs. This would suggest that someone else is responsible for the Photoshop’d images, and the posting of these images to the realm of social media.

Most recently, there’s another photo of Bey, chillin’ on a couch, enjoying a glass of wine. And within the photo, there is an odd warp near her hamstring area, which is pressed on the sofa. This warp is most noticeable on Beyonce’s cell phone, and on the wine glass located nearby. This is either a break in the time-space continuum as we know it, or it is, as so many on the Interwebs are claiming: Photoshop.

If you haven’t seen the image yet, don’t stress. We’ve got the most recent, as well as the first one available for viewing in the video below.


James Sheldon