Freddy Prinze Jr. Recovers From Spinal Surgery

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Freddy Prinze Jr. is learning to walk again.

The 38 year-old actor shared photos of his back surgery with his fans via social media, including one selfie of him in a hospital bed and another one post-surgery, in which he’s wearing a neck brace.

But when news outlets started to claim he was in medical trouble, he took to Twitter to set the record straight: “Guys Im totally fine,” he wrote. “Recovering great. No need to get ur info from entertainment ‘news’ sources who have no clue. Trust your homie.”

To prove it, the She’s All That star posted a photo of himself outside, standing on one leg. “Do i look jacked up to ya’ll?”he asked, adding: “Balance … In all things.”

When fans started asking what happened to him, Freddy said, “Private medical info amigos. Lets say i had some disc issues that have been resolved. ‘Nuff said friends.”

Although he seems to be doing well and maintaining good spirits, he admitted that he’s having to learn to walk again. “Learnin to walk again is like learning jiu-jitsu – 1 technique at a time,” he explained. But with his smile and the hashtag “KeepItPlayful,” we know he must be doing all right.

Check out the video to see more about Freddy’s recovery!


Amanda Young