Gavin Rossdale’s Secret To His And Gwen Stefani’s Long Marriage

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Is 12 years a long marriage? In the realm of celebrity hitchings, it definitely is. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani have enjoyed 12 years of marriage, and recently welcomed their third child, Apollo, to the world. So, how does the celebrity couple do it?

There are so many variables within the lives of artists, especially when two creatives get married. Adding children can either create for a peaceful or volatile mix. Most often, it’s a combination of both. For Gavin and Gwen, it has provided a lasting bond. Gavin suggests that the couple is strongly united as their family grows–he could never see he and Gwen splitting up.

Sure, the kids will eventually be grown, but at the point, Gavin and Gwen will be in their 60s. They’ll be mentoring projects, traveling, spending time with friends, buying up properties all over the world–it’s not likely they’ll bail on one another at that point. Of course, this is a mere hypothetical. No one is suggesting they might want to, we’re just considering what would be logical if they did. These two are staying together, and that’s quite refreshing.

Now, allow us to peruse the fact that Gwen can’t get away from dudes. She fronted a band full of dudes, she’s the only woman in a house full of dudes and she’s cause for fawning by all other dudes. Dudes obviously love Gwen. Maybe that’s another reason the couple is going so strong? Gwen is comfortable around dudes?

Who’s to say if baby #3 will be the last for Gwen and Gavin? It’s likely, due to Gwen being 44, but you can never pin the desires of a mother hoping for a daughter. Perhaps they’ll try again? Perhaps the couple will adopt? Whatever happens, we know they’ll be together.

Check out the video below to hear Gavin’s take on why their marriage is unbreakable.

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