Grey’s Anatomy Brings Back Another Beloved Character


Grey’s Anatomy brought back another beloved character this week for an emotional reunion with Meredith Grey.

The hit ABC medical drama first brought back Derek Shepherd which took fans completely by surprise. After this appearance, the show began to tease the return of another major star from Meredith’s past.

The latest episode finally revealed who that star was and it was none other than fan-favorite George O’Malley who is played T.R. Knight. The premise of the episode followed Meredith’s struggles battling COVID-19 and shows her reuniting with George O’Malley in the beach dreamscape in her head. George was one of Meredith’s closest friends before he tragically passed in season five.

The scene where the two characters reunite begins with Meredith lying unconscious at Grey Sloan and being transported once again to her beach dream. Once she enters this realm, she sees a figure leaning over the side of the lifeguard’s station on the beach. “Excuse me!” she yells toward the figure.

As the camera gets closer, it becomes clear that the figure is George. “Mer?” George asks, sounding confused. “What are you doing here?”

The two pick up right where they left off as close confidantes and the two catch up on everything that’s happened since they last spoke. Meredith also tells George about reuniting with Derek and his warnings. “Derek said the sand isn’t real,” Meredith says.

“Yeah, nope…,” George confirms. “It is nice though. I wouldn’t want to leave either.”

The two go on to discuss whether you get to decide when you pass or not, and George shares that he was not given the choice. Meredith tells him how devastated she was when he passed and the two have a cathartic conversation.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out these adorable photos of the cast reunion below:

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