Hilary Duff Talks Divorce, Therapy And More

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

How have Hilary Duff and her husband made things work after a separation?

“I have a good therapist!” she said.

The 27 year-old singer and actress opened up to Elle Canada about how she dealt with media attention after she and NHL player Mike Comrie announced in January that they were separating after a three-year marriage.

“I’ve dealt with [attention] for such a long time. But some of the bigger struggles that came my way in the past two years—like my separation or when my parents separated—were the first times I had to deal with people knowing about something personal happening to my family,” she explained.

Hilary admitted that the public attention felt “invasive,” “insensitive” and “really gross” at first, but that she eventually found the right attitude to deal with it: “The best way to handle it is by just owning your s—” she said. “I’m human and this is what happened. None of us is perfect.”

The good news is that although they’re still technically separated, Hilary and Mike have found a productive way to co-parent their son Luca. They might even get back together; on Halloween, they were spotted holding hands at a party.

“I mean, if there wasn’t a chance for getting back [together], I think we would’ve filed for divorce,” Hilary said back in September. In another interview, she dished, “We’re just trying to enjoy our lives and figure out what makes us happy and it’s working for us.”


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