How Kelly Ripa’s Butt Selfie Got Into The Wrong Hands

Miro Vrlik Photography /

Kelly Ripa is a charmer. She is beloved by her fans, and all those who work with and around her in the world of entertainment. But like the rest of us, Kelly doesn’t understand The Cloud.

Kelly stopped by to chat with David Letterman this week, and shared with him her most recent embarrassment.

In typical Kelly Ripa fashion, Kelly snapped a quick pic of her booty, sporting what she claims were undies. Yes, there’s no way to prove this one way or the other without the photographic evidence, so we’ll trust what she has said. This photo was supposed to be for the eyes of her husband, but she, her husband and her parent in-laws, share an epic iCloud account.

Before you ask “Why?” This does make sense. For many, this means no more parents harassing people about sending pictures of the grand kids… they can just jump on and see for themselves.

Obviously, Kelly’s butt picture made it into the cloud mix. And before her husband ever saw what she offered, she got an email from her in-laws.

How is it that people don’t understand how this works? That linking your stuff to an electronic home base, whether Apple or Android, is going to put your stuff out there for the world to possibly access. If there’s something you’re concerned people might see, it’s always best to keep it out of a phone.

To see what Kelly’s in-laws had to say about her “belfie” (please, let this made-up word die before it ever takes root), check out the video below.


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