Hugh Hefner Weighs In On Bill Cosby Controversy

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Someone might want to tell Bill Cosby of the old adage, “Show me your friends; I’ll show you your future.”

Who knew Bill Cosby was good friends with Hugh Hefner? The father of the Playboy empire has known Bill for years, and once Bill’s alleged sexual assaults took place at the Playboy Mansion in 1975, with a 15 year old. What was a 15 year old doing at the Playboy Mansion? Exactly.

According to The Hef, he called the allegations “saddening,” and went on to state that he would never tolerate such behavior at his residence, regardless of the parties involved. Is that to say there’s no way this could have happened, or is it an attempt at plausible deniability?

Yes, Hef, we’re well aware. They gotta be 18 at the mansion. 15 is just completely out of the question.

The last thing Bill Cosby needs right now? Hugh Hefner speaking about their personal relationship. Many celebrities have come to the defense of Bill, but when it comes to building a solid case against allegations of a sexual nature, it’s probably that the king of soft core porn isn’t one of them.

What’s next for Bill? Not a lot. Spending the rest of his life fighting these claims, I’d imagine. There are so many, and they’re so damning, it’s difficult to believe that they could all be false accusers. That stated, Gloria Allred getting into the mix, and suggesting that Bill set up a fund for his victims certainly helps the Cosby cause. That stuff looks shady.

In the immediate, Bill has cancelled shows, the administration at Temple University has completely disassociated with him and more women are coming forward to make claims.

To see more on the story, check out the video below.


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