Is Farrah Abraham Coming Back to ‘Teen Mom’?

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About a month ago, it was reported that Farrah Abraham had been cut from Teen Mom negotiations — but is she really not coming back for season 5?

An insider had dished that MTV “willingly cut Farrah” from the show because she sets “a bad example” and “doesn’t represent the network well,” but in a new interview, Farrah is playing coy about the whole situation.

Farrah, who made headlines for a sex tape and is currently working on a trilogy of erotic novels, said that she didn’t want to comment on the situation with Teen Mom.

“I know what’s going on, I don’t think it needs to be shared,” she said when pressed, adding that fans would simply have to wait to find out what happened, and decide how they felt about it.

In previous interviews, Farrah has said that she felt that the public didn’t give her a fair shake — but her writing is a way to deal with that. “I think because of the experiences I went through, and I think some of them were unfair, and I guess judged incorrectly from the public when I was going through some things with my sex tape,” she explained. “I think it was the catalyst for me to start writing therapeutically, and then I was thinking of fictional characters so I could kind of get out of my head and this came about.”

Check out the video for even more about her book series!

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