Is Kendall Jenner The Next Victoria’s Secret Angel?

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What’s all this chatter about Kendall Jenner strutting the Victoria’s Secret catwalk? Is there really some truth to the story this time, or is it just another fabrication suggested by mommie dearest?

Yes, back in the day, Kris Jenner posted photos of Kendall in an effort to lead us all down a path of presumption. She wanted to push the Victoria’s Secret agenda. There is some impressive psychology behind such a photo-pitch if you’re in a meeting with Victoria’s Secret, suggesting your aspiring model daughter has the goods to wear the wings; however, when you toss that stuff out to the public? Well… that’s just pure manipulation.

Continuing on. Now, it seems Victoria’s Secret has genuine interest in Kendall, as her popularity has grown in the modeling world. No doubt about it, Kris is still standing above the stage, tugging the business strings of her little marionette, but again, it seems genuine interest is actually there. No more manipulation.

So, if Victoria’s Secret is interested in Kendall, and Kendall has always wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret model, why haven’t the two parties struck a deal?

You guessed it: Kris Jenner.

Kris is going to go to the table with Kendall, and she’ll work for the best possible deal. She’s obsessed with power and control in the same vein as the Kim Jongs, only slightly less annoying on a global scale. Her argument will be that Kendall brings an incredibly loyal fan base, and the next generation of Victoria’s Secret customers. Is she right? Sure, there’s some truth in there…

To see more on Kendall’s next big step in the modeling world, check out the video.


James Sheldon