Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Scared On Ellen – Watch

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Ellen DeGeneres is such a prankster. She offers a lure that is undeniable to A+ List celebrities, and then has fun at their expense on the regular.

Ellen doesn’t shy away from any brand of comedy, even if she relies on the good, old fight or flight reflex of humanity. She is one of those people who offers pre-interview questions about fears, and because these actors, actresses, musicians and whomever else, are game to talk about anything while sitting with Ellen, they always dish the goods.

These are easy pickin’s for Ellen. These are not comedic moments comparable to climbing to the top of the tree to pluck the finest apple specimen available. These are the apples that have fallen to the ground, but are sometimes just as sweet–maybe even sweeter.

What the hell am I talking about?

Ellen nailed Jake Gyllenhaal with one of her more efficient scare pranks, playing on his fear of creepy dolls. Something suggests that his big sister, Maggie, once tortured him with creepy dolls as a child. Or maybe Maggie used to tease him, and threaten to tell his friends that he played with dolls. You can hear the argument now:

Maggie: Jake plays with dolls!
Jake: They’re action figures!!!!

Whatever the case, Ellen lured Jake into a typical “Let’s talk about some of your favorite movie roles,” chatter, then allowed him to divvy up a quality answer, as she herself was merely anticipating the face he was about to make when her prank came to fruition.

And what a face it was. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy the video below!


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