Jake Gyllenhaal Gives David Letterman “The Salmon” (WATCH)

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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, 33, often plays dark, disturbing, mysterious or simply misunderstood characters in his diverse and lengthy career in film.

His newest film, Nightcrawler, is no different as he plays a creepy news L.A. crime video journalist. Gyllenhall was on the set of The Late show with David Letterman on Wednesday November 26 to promote his new movie when he got to show his much more playful side that is often not seen on screen.

It was all business for the often serious Gyllenhaal as he and Letterman conducted the interview but things changed quickly when Gyllenhaal lit up like a little boy when the subject turned to fishing.

The actor and host begin discussing “salmon” with Gyllenhall stating, “That’s my favorite new thing to do. I need someone to do it to.”

When Letterman stated, “Do it to me,” the actor lost any ounce of seriousness the interview had and jumped up to show everyone what “giving the salmon” meant.

As Letterman stood, pretending to give a monolgue, Gyllenhaal ran up behind him and slapped his hand from side to side between Letterman’s thighs while yelling, “Salmon!”

Afterwards the two kept joking with Letterman stating, “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. For a moment I thought I was standing in the middle of a North Atlantic stream and there were actual salmon, spawning,” and the actor responded, “It’s a visceral experience.”

Anything can and does happen between hosts and celebrities on late night interviews and this one proves just that.

Check out the odd but hilarious video below!

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