James Bond ‘SPECTRE’ Script Stolen By Sony Hackers

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Hackers–or a hacker–has allegedly stolen an early draft of the new James Bond film, entitled Spectre. Producers are not thrilled about this development, as they’re concerned the hacker will publish the script online, or make it available to the public.

Well, if this isn’t a great plotline for the James Bond film following SPECTRE, I don’t know what is.

This dude–as in me–isn’t buying it. I’d guess it’s all a delicious form of publicity to entice fans. If the story line has to do with virtual theft or hacking in any way, I’m sticking to my idea of “free publicity.”

Yes, it sucks when a film in production has a script leaked, but honestly, what’s it matter at this point? Producers should know the script is going to get out. A great example: I have the Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Walking Dead) version of what should have been the fourth Indiana Jones installment, and I had it for comparison when Shia LaBeouf was swinging around with George Lucas’ CG monkeys. I’d reckon you could find the Darabont-penned version online, too.

Sure, piracy is a problem in the entertainment industry, but let’s industry folk not act like the industry isn’t making more than it has ever made, even accounting for inflation. More diverse. More money. So much more.

Bottom line, it’s not difficult to get your hands on any script/screenplay once a film has gone into production. You just gotta know the right people, or you have to have a tremendous set of hacking skills.

If someone really did steal the script, then said individual(s) should watch their back if they attempt to profit of their piracy. These studio attorneys come with .50 caliber guns a’blazin’.


James Sheldon