James Franco Photobombs Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Card

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Late Night Laughs segments are pretty fantastic. It’s like sports highlights for people who don’t like sports. Or highlights of late night talk shows, for people who love… late night talk shows! Have a look, and see what you missed this week.

From the Colbert Report to The Tonight Show, late night television exists for one reason: People love to laugh before they hit the sack. It’s a nice way to cleanse the palate after a long day.

It’s always nice when James Franco stops by to spend a little time with Stephen Colbert. Franco may be just above insufferable in many ways, but the guy is charming, and he is kind. And… he knows how to take a joke.

Stephen shared a photo with the audience from his family vacation to Venice, Italy, last year. The fam decided they would take their annual Christmas card photo while enjoying their time together. It was only through keen and perceptive observation that Stephen, or most likely one of his kids, noticed that James Franco somehow made it into the mix. Check out the video below, and enjoy the unintentional photobomb for yourself.

Then, you can take in a few highlights from Watch What Happens Live and The Tonight Show, where awkwardness reigned supreme. Zach Braff and Kate Hudson stopped by WWHL to have a little chit-chat, and Kate was put on the spot with a very personal question. And The Tonight Show? Well, anything goes when Jimmy Fallon is the host, so you never know what you might witness. In this case, Heidi Klum stopped by and offered Jimmy more awkwardness for his personal repertoire.

See it all in the video below!


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