James Franco Shares Intimate Selfie In Search Of Followers

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OK. James Franco has gone from creepy to creepier. The guy needs some help–and help isn’t going to come through adding more followers on Instagram.

James took a very awkward, unattractive selfie while in bed and posted it to Instagram. Now, this is not the creepy stuff. In fact, he should be lauded for taking an unflattering photo of himself and putting it out there for all to see. Alas, with Franco, there seems to be an ulterior motive, and in this case, it was crystal clear. He wants more followers on Instagram. You see, he doesn’t quite have two million.

Presently, James follows close to 3,000, but along with his unflattering selfie, he stated that he’d follow up to 5,000 if people would help him reach the two million mark.

Really, James? You’d do that for us? You’d offer 5,000 for 2,000,000? Let’s break it down, shall we? A 400:1 ratio. For every 400 of who follow James, he’ll follow one of us? Hmmm… no thanks. That seems a little out of balance, considering the nearly two million followers also represent the catalyst to Franco’s millions of dollars.

Sorry, James, many of us will have to pass.

That said, it seems rather obvious what James is doing–trying to target his next source of prey. Surely he can score a few more unsuspecting 20-something beauties for hotel hook-ups–girls who haven’t even realized that he was scheming with a 17 year old in early April of 2014. Let us never forget.

Sure, everyone can nod and laugh, and his BFF, Seth Rogen, can make jokes about it on TV, but if it were any other dude in his 30s trying to pick up a 17 year old girl online, where would that land him? Probably not in a campaign for two million Instagram followers.

If you haven’t seen this unflattering photo yet, check it out in the video below–it’s a dandy.

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