Jamie Lynn Spears Unveils Adorable Family Christmas Photos

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Jamie Lynn Spears and her family are ready for the holidays!

Jamie Lynn, a former Disney Channel star who is also Britney Spears’ 22 year-old sister, recently shared some adorable pics of her fiance and daughter getting ready for Christmas.

In the photos, Jamie Lynn’s 5 year-old daughter Maddie shows off some adorable Santa-themed pajamas – check out the video to see them! It’s no surprise that Maddie’s solo portrait has garnered so many likes. The family dog joined the photos as well, and even donned some Christmas jingle bells of his own. We’re not sure why Jamie Lynn’s fiance is shirtless – or who was around to take the slightly awkward photo.

Social media is a big part of Jamie Lynn’s family moments; when she Lynn got engaged to Jamie Watson, 30, back in March, she shared a photo of her sparkling engagement ring on Twitter and Instagram, gushing that “He did good.”

Even though she’s only 22, Jamie Lynn has already been engaged once before, to Casey Aldridge, the father of her daughter — but they finally went their separate ways in 2010.

You can hear Jamie Lynn’s voice on Britney’s most recent album; she’s also working on launching a country music career of her own.


Amanda Young