Jenna Dewan-Tatum Says Jonah Hill Loves Her

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum, the adorably cute wife of Channing Tatum, has a new admirer. While shooting 22 Jump Street, it seems Jonah Hill’s admiration for Channing’s wife, was so robust and zealous that it spilled from a simple co-star conversation to the entirety of the cast and crew.

Jenna stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, and chatted with Jimmy about a variety of things. Jimmy was certain to ask about any awkwardness between she and Jonah. Unfortunately, there’s nothing so exciting, awkward or entertaining about Jonah having a serious crush on Jenna. If you’re into psychoanalysis, you might argue that it’s quite interesting, because deep down, Jonah wishes he were Channing.

According to Jenna, she feels a little guilty. She believes she might be messing up the bromantic vibe of Jonah and Channing’s relationship. And perhaps it is worth divulging: It seems that Jonah may have a little more than a crush on Jenna. Phrases like “be with her,” have been tossed around.

It’s not hard to imagine the shy, but easily excitable Jonah Hill professing his love for a co-stars wife to the co-star–being half- apologetic, half-inappropriate. It’s just what Jonah hill does so well.

But then, many people likely crush on Jenna, just as they do on Channing. It’s a very complementary relationship. In the long run, the smart money is on Jenna as the actual better looking of the two making up the celebrity couple. Channing takes terrible care of himself, and Jenna may be part magical pixie. The actress and dancer doesn’t seem to age. She’s looking stellar a year after the birth of her first child.

To see her enjoyable acknowledgement of Jonah’s affection, and see some other late night highlights, check out the video below.

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