Jennifer Lawrence Crashes SNL

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Give it up for Lorne Michaels, he has done a wonderful job of netting monster mounds of talent for cameo appearances over the past few years. And of all seasons that Saturday Night Live really needs it, it’s this one. The show is adrift, and losing it’s only remaining rudder, Keenan Thompson, after this season.

On Saturday, Woody Harrelson was tasked with hosting duties of SNL, but during his monologue, he got a little help from the cast of The Hunger Games.

Woody took a ditty from Taylor Swift’s “1989,” and turned it into a song reflecting more about his life in 1989, and everything that has happened since then. Before he got too deep into the jam, he was joined onstage by his Hunger Games co-stars, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson… then… just when it couldn’t get any better… out sauntered Katniss Everdeen. Yes, to you regular folk, this means Jennifer Lawrence.

The trio then sang about all kinds of humorous type  things, and SNL signaled its desire to make as many pot jokes as it possibly could, considering the city’s new policy on marijuana. Because that’s what you do when your writing is weak, and it really, really, reaaallly misses Seth Meyers. You introduce a new horse, then beat it to death.

That said, Woody was funny. He’s always funny. It’d be nice to see Woody do more comedy.

As for Jennifer, Josh and Liam, they offered their few minutes of support, and then presumably played paper, rock, scissors backstage in an attempt to determine who would buy dinner.

To see the gang in all their glory, check out the video below.


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