Jennifer Lawrence Is FHM’s Sexiest Woman In The World!

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Jennifer Lawrence is the “Sexiest Woman in The World,” according to FHM. And when FHM makes such a claim, you best listen.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 standard has been set in the realm of sexy, and it’s Jennifer Lawrence. No complaints coming from this direction. At least FHM is tossing some love to someone who boasts a lot of charm, and an equivalent intelligence. What’s most fascinating about this announcement: Jennifer Lawrence is what we would have considered “girl next door pretty” 10 years ago. Now… she’s the “it” girl.

Maybe we’ve cracked the FHM code. Last year, Mila Kunis was named the sexiest woman in the world. It seems there may be some savvy marketing behind it all. Like… maybe… Jennifer Lawrence on the cover would sell the most magazines in 2014? If we’re getting right down to a list of sexiest women in the world, it would seem that there might be more international women in the mix. And it’s not as if non-celebrities are allowed into the discussion.

So, Jennifer, if you’re reading this, there are no arguments or any issues coming from Fame10. We’re happy to address you as the sexiest woman in the world for the next year; however, if complaints begin to arise from a remote region of Pakistan, we can do little to sway such opinion. There are some legitimate beauties to choose from the world over.

What could possibly be more enjoyable that FHM’s list of the sexiest women in the world? Well… Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction to the suggestion that she’s the “Sexiest Woman in The World.” We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for her candid response.

To see who rounded out the Top 10 Sexiest Women according to FHM, check out the video below.

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