Jennifer Lawrence’s Most Embarrassing Talk Show Moment Yet!

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More Jennifer Lawrence news? Seriously, can there ever be enough? You gotta let gold shine.

J. Law stopped by Conan O’Brien earlier this week to share a few candid stories, and continue to show off her stellar short locks. Anyone tuning in at the beginning of her segment wouldn’t have imagined the direction it turned, but that’s what you get with this gal.

Conan posed a quick, serious question: What would you do if you weren’t an actress? And Jennifer answered in atypical fashion: hotel cleaning. She went on to offer an anecdote, which involved a box of “butt-plugs,” hiding them under the bed (because they were a gag gift, of course) and the fact that her hotel house-cleaner found said box of plugs. Embarrassing, right? Nope. It gets better.

After finding the “medical devices,” the house cleaner pulled them all out, and put them on display in the hotel room for anyone and everyone to see. And we can all imagine the titters of laughter as the cleaning lady left the room. Perhaps she was hoping Jennifer might tip her by leaving a few of the implements behind? Who knows!? The world is odd, people.

So. What have we learned from all of this? Well, for starters, Jennifer Lawrence may very well be one of the coolest ladies on the face of the planet. It seems she can’t be shaken. Seriously, if someone sent you a box of… things… what could you do with them? Don’t answer that if you’re at work. It’ll set off an HR alarm.

To enjoy the ever-charming Jennifer share her story, have a look at the video below!

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