Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart Spotted Together: Are They Back On?

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were spotted together recently tooling around Los Angeles. Does this mean they’re back on, or just spending time as friends?

This former celebrity couple, which may be a celebrity couple (still), are very busy with their own individual work projects. Business aside, they recently took some time to enjoy one another’s company. This has left many curious about the status of their relationship. These things are important. Hugely important. What else will you talk about in line at the grocery store when you reach the checker? The price of produce?

J.Lo and Casper went cruising in a white BMW, and the paparazzi caught a few shots of the “What are we, again?” couple. J.Lo and Casper really seem to like one another. It could be one of those relationships where they both wish they had more time to spend with the other, but they’re married to their careers, so they mutually agreed to cool it on the seriousness factor. Or… they could just be buddies. Buddies who do it.

This begs the question: Do celebrities not understand that relationships can work like that? That couples didn’t even sleep in the same bed in the 1950s? Sure, people were oppressed in so many ways, but cordiality actually existed among the masses. Maybe we can find a happy balance. Maybe J.Lo and Casper can lead the way.

However these two crazy kids feel about one another, it’s obvious that the flirtation and pursuit has yet to cease. Only time will tell if they become permanent fixtures (again)–or for J.Lo, semi-perm, because we know how she rolls–or if they just really enjoy the friendship of the other.

Check out the video for more details, and a good look at the “What are we, again?” couple.


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