Jimmy Fallon Learns How He Blew It With Nicole Kidman

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He was the cute dude on Saturday Night Live, and she was the biggest movie star in the world. How could Jimmy Fallon have possibly thought that Australian beauty, Nicole Kidman, was romantically interested in him?

Well. According to Nicole, she was. And she let loose on The Tonight Show, figuratively prying off the top of Jimmy’s skull, and blowing his mind.

Nicole was introduced to Jimmy at his bachelor pad back in the day. She was escorted to his place by a mutual friend, and Nicole’s intent was to probe for romantic interest. She was newly single from the Tom Cruise relationship, and had a genuine desire to date Jimmy. She recalled the meet-up as being rather disastrous on all fronts, as Jimmy was painfully shy, and didn’t speak much.

Nicole even outed Jimmy that midway through the visit, he put on a video game, and started playing. And while quite humorous, there’s no surprise to such a revelation.

It is quite amazing that Jimmy was still so naive in his early 20s. It seems he didn’t even ask himself, “Why would Nicole Kidman want to come to my apartment?”

In the long run, Jimmy scored a more suitable match for a mate. Nicole, as beautiful as she is, seems exceptionally high-maintenance, and maybe Jimmy knew all along. Maybe he was offering a polite rejection in the only way he knew how? Either way, it made for most excellent television this week on The Tonight Show.

If you missed it, you must check out the video below and see it for yourself!


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