Joan Rivers Given An Emotional, Star-Studded Funeral

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From laughter to tears, the funeral service offered for Joan Rivers ran the gamut of emotions.

As you’d imagine, the memorial service and funeral for Joan Rivers was a star-studded event. Howard Stern spoke, Hugh Jackman sang and Melissa Rivers offered an emotional tribute to her mother through a personal letter.

Regardless of Joan’s 81 years, her death came as a shock to nearly everyone. Having undergone so many surgical procedures, it was a shock when Joan’s out-patient procedure resulted in her eventual demise.

Joan remained feisty until her final  moments of consciousness. She was still performing some 300 dates a year for E!, as well as on stage doing stand-up. Even in her old age, she was not shy to mix it up with Hollywood’s A-listers. Her social media feud with Jennifer Lawrence was enough to thrust Joan back into the spotlight, even if she was on the wrong side of that debate.

Joan never lost her senses, but there did seem to be an inflated sense of entitlement as she aged. As a young performer, she seemed to grab the bull by the horns saying, “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do, just because I’m a woman.” In her later years, it seemed she bought into her short-lived legacy, and felt she’d get a pass when crossing the line simply because she was Joan Rivers. And… that’s never enough.

Regardless of her cattiness growing tiresome on show’s like Fashion Police, it’s what she was paid to do, and she did it well. Outside of mass media, Joan’s stand-up comedy still delivered the goods until her dying day. Her energy level at 81 was incredibly impressive. Her work ethic, unparalleled.

It is good that her nearest and dearest were able to come together in mourning and celebration, and enjoy their memories together. To see more on Joan’s funeral, check out the video below.

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