Johnny Depp Slams Actors Turned Musicians

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Johnny Depp, 51, is without a doubt one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, spanning his career for decades and always remaining at the top of the A-list.

While his fame and fortune is incredible it seems Depp rarely has anything nice to say about the industry these days as the naturally eccentric man gets weirder and weirder and more outspoken.

In an interview back in November, Depp discussed taking on the philosophy of “not giving a f–k” like Marlon Brando.

“What is really satisfying is, like Marlon, getting to that place where he just didn’t give a f–k […] Suddenly you care enough not to give a f–k, because not giving a f–k, that’s the total liberation.”

He then went on to discuss his ever growing aversion to fame regardless of his worldwide recognition, “I’m living in a sense like a fugitive. I don’t like to be in social situations, it’s fine for me in a weird way, having to run and hide. Less and less, I have the opportunity to observe, because I’m the one being observed.”

Now the actor is slamming some particular people in the industry, actors who capitalized on their fame to be specific.

“That whole idea for me is a sickening thing, it’s always just made me sick. I hate the idea, ‘come see me play the guitar because you’ve seen me in 12 movies.'”

Depp is known for his love of music and has performed on stage with Marilyn Manson and The Black Keys, “I’ve been very lucky to play on friends’ records and it’s still going. Music is still part of my life. But you won’t be hearing The Johnny Depp Band. That won’t ever exist,” he stated about being an actor who just loves music.

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