Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News And Its ‘False Patriotism’

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Jon Stewart is always busy doing those things Jon Stewart does–calling people out for being full of caca del toro. Or… if you prefer… good, old-fashioned, American bullsh*t.

Per usual, Jon’s ire was directed at Fox News, for being the biggest pile of caca in the “news industry.” The problem really begins there–the fact that these media outlets exist to construct the news, manipulate the feeble-minded and gather three cheers from identifying extremists. Yes, of course, all these outlets are guilty to some degree, Fox News is just the current champion of the idiocy.

Jon’s take down stemmed from the recent improper salute offered by President Barack Obama when he was getting off Marine One, aka, that big green helicopter he flies on. He offered a salute with a coffee beverage in his hand, and this was all Fox News, and every Obama-hater needed to go on the offensive.

The teams at Fox News are truly some of the most loathable examples of humanity. They’re all full of their own version of crap, and there’s not a one of them that actually practices what they preach. They may get no worse than Sean Hannity, and Jon Stewart never misses a chance at throwing a few jabs in Hannity’s direction.

If you haven’t seen the image, you’ll want to check out the video below, where you can also take in Jon being Jon, and lambasting these faux news reporters, as they offer their opinions on the matter. Then, you can continue watching as Jon walks them to their bullsh*t, kindly points it out, then makes them pick it up and eat it.

Check out the videos to see Jon unleash his fury:


James Sheldon