Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner Fuel Dating Rumors With New Pics

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Justin Bieber’s life is as good as it can get for a 20-year old pop star who, aside from making unbelievable amounts of money as a singer, just signed a deal to be the model and new face of Calvin Klein, a role previously held by many Hollywood heavyweights.

If anyone thinks he is upset by ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez apparently moving on with DJ Zedd, they are mistaken, as it seems Bieber and 19-year old model Kendall Jenner have been spending quality time together.

Both young stars have been known friends for a while and have already fended off relationship rumors, however they have started back up again after Jenner was spotted hanging out with a shirtless Bieber at his place while wearing the same outfit she wore partying the night before.

Bieber and Jenner had partied the night away for Diddy’s son Justin Comb’s 21st birthday on Saturday January 17 and Jenner shared an Instagram picture during the festivities wearing light blue skinny jeans and a red bandana tied around her waist.

The next day Bieber and Jenner were spotted hanging out in the backyard of his L.A. home and Jenner had very similar looking jeans on, the bandana around her neck and an overly baggy white shirt on, which was most likely Bieber’s.

Whether she spent the night or not, the two are definitely spending a lot of time together as Bieber then shared a picture on Monday (Jan 19.) of them on a hike together along with a friend.

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Source: Instagram

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