Justin Bieber Gets Into Fight At Dave & Buster’s

Helga Esteb /

Justin Bieber is causing trouble again.

Police were called to a Dave & Buster’s in Los Angeles after the 20 year-old singer lunged at a fellow patron who was trying to take photos and a cell phone video of Justin with his on-again, off-again love Selena Gomez.

Law enforcement says that Justin was trying to take away the man’s phone, presumably to erase the pics and video. Justin and Selena ended up leaving the tourist trap chain restaurant before police arrived.

According to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department, this incident was a “big lot of nothing. There’s been no fight, no scuffle and no crime occurred” — so perhaps there’s nothing to be worked up about — but Justin is on probation after being charged with DUI in Miami, so he’s on shaky ground.

Meanwhile, the big question is why Justin and Selena would have gone to Dave & Buster’s in the first place. Sure, it can be fun to play some arcade-type games when you’re out on the town, but is a tourist trap really the best place to go in Los Angeles?

Things must be getting serious between Justin and Selena again, since they were also recently spotted attending a bible study class in Los Angeles.


Amanda Young