Justin Bieber: “No Pictures Please”

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In a recent video of megastar, 20-year old, Justin Bieber he looks like any regular young club-goer.

He also looks very single and ready to mingle.

The video shows Bieber at a night club in Rome, having a great time, drinking, hanging out and dancing with a huge group of girls.

Bieber is clearly having a great time dancing and singing along to the music all while people are taking videos and pictures of course.

After some time the Biebs obviously has enough as he grabs the mic from the club host and says, “Yo guys please stop taking pictures and stuff. Just enjoy your night, have some drinks, have some fun. You know, put your cameras down, put your cameras down. I see you guys at the back acting like a bunch of groupies, put your phones down.”

He has got to be used to this kind of attention by now and a group of guys probably aren’t groupies, but maybe he just doesn’t want to be seen with a bunch of girls by Selena, or is it Kylie Jenner now?

Either way, Justin just wants to have a good time.

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