Justin Timberlake Gets Flipped Off by a Fan and Returns the Bird

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Don’t mess with Justin Timberlake. If you dish it out, he’s gonna throw it right back in your direction.

Justin Timberlake is an interesting dude. His personal pool of talent is exceptionally deep, but this guy, when he interviews… he comes across as completely shallow and insecure. Wait. No, he doesn’t. Not at all. He’s a total charmer. Is he funny? Yeah. Did you see Inside Llewyn Davis. (No, you didn’t, but you totally should.)

There’s something to be gleaned from Justin’s personal appearances—something that suggests: “I’ve still got a little chip on my shoulder, people. Sure, I’m rich, famous, have a gorgeous wife and love good-timin’, but I”ll pause for your cause. I’d appreciate your approval for the work I do, but if you do something really odd, I’m gonna take note. I’m not a f’n robot.”

This morsel of awesome borders on “WTF?” and a little bit of “Oh, no he didn’t!” Ultimately, it was hilarious. It took place at a concert in November, but the clip has just now gained worthy notoriety. It involves an unknown woman in the second row, who is no hater… just a creative lover of all things Timberlake. We must offer props to the girl for thinking outside the box. She had a specific goal that you can see in the video below… and she achieves it in fine form.

Is there anything to learn from all of this? Don’t mess with the Timberlake? Or, maybe you do, and then he carries on a conversation with you, mid-concert. Check out the memorable moment in the video below!


James Sheldon