Kanye West Reveals Biggest (And Only) Regret!

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Kanye West is a very interesting dude. You cannot argue against his incredible musical talent. You may not like him, but the guy is as sharp as a tack, and capable of lacing flow with challenging poetic verse. I’m not even a fan of the guy, and he still made an appearance in my dream last night, rapping. His influence is seemingly undeniable.

Recently, Kanye opened up during a live performance, offering impromptu prose to his poetry. He spoke of all aspects of life, including wild successes, failures and even his regrets. And there was really only one thing that Kanye regrets. The thought of Kanye having a regret? Wow. There are just so many options from which to choose.

This is the guy who has rudely interrupted multiple awards shows to suggest that someone else should have won an award. We all remember the Taylor Swift incident, but Kanye has also pouted at other awards shows for not winning awards he thought he should have won. Still, this is not his biggest regret.

This is also the guy who has procreated with Kim Kardashian, and it seems these two really love one another. Opposites attract? Complementary relationship? Kanye possesses a razor sharp wit, and Kim is a dull as a twit. Still, this is not his biggest regret.

This is also the guy who wears leather pants and sags to the point of sheer absurdity. Sheer. Absurdity. Still, this is not his biggest regret.

This is also the guy who, standing alongside Mike Meyers during a live charity drive for Hurricane Katrina, looked into the camera and said a whole lot of stuff… discombobulated… laden with some decipherable truth… and ultimately proclaimed, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Still, this is not his biggest regret.

Kanye, as divisive as he can be, wears his heart on his sleeve, and his biggest regret is deeply personal. Check out the video below to hear exactly what he had to say.

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