Kanye West Stops Concert After Fan In Wheelchair Doesn’t Stand Up

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This just in! Kanye West is a douche.

At a recent concert in Australia, Kanye West demanded his audience was all standing in his presence before he ripped on a jam. All talent aside–because Kanye doth possess some serious talent–this dude really seems to be confused as to how it all works. Concertgoers pay to see an artist stand and deliver, not the other way around.

Sure, if you’re a concertgoer, there is a certain amount of concert etiquette that suggests you’ve been to a concert before. Standing and offering tons of energy to a performer will generally yield incredible entertaining–and sometimes inspiring–results; however, this is not a requirement of any concertgoer. This is especially true if the concertgoer is in a wheelchair, and cannot stand. Well… This is true, unless you’re Kanye West, and you write your own truths and demand all stand and worship at the alter of Kanye. Too bad he disproved his own theorized self-deity, and couldn’t heal the person in the wheelchair.

Kanye  has to be one of the most loathable celebrities on the face of the planet. The reason: he’s incredibly intelligent. That stated, he was also incredibly naive at the onset of his career–far too idealistic. Now, his anger toward what was once his idea of “the establishment,” is directed toward fans in arenas. Explain that one…

In fairness to Kanye, he did start the song after a security guard checked to see that the individual was actually in a wheel chair.

For more details on this pile of epic douche-baggery, you’ll want to check out the video below. Prepare to drop your jaw, shake your head or even go full facepalm.


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