Kate Mara Opens Up to GQ About Dating!

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For any single dudes, this may very well be the most intriguing post Fame10 has ever offered. A guide to dating Kate Mara from Kate Mara.

Yes, Kate is gearing up for the buzz surrounding the House of Cards second season premier, and she’s looking as sexy as ever in a photo shoot for GQ. While posing in in lingerie, and batting the lashes over her beautiful brown eyes, Kate offered a little advice about dating. Specifically, if you wanted to date her.

I promise not to spoil everything you’ll see in the video, but for those of you who work for an oppressive corporation which doesn’t allow speakers on your computer… or video-watching while on the clock… here are a few morsels. (Before I dive in, I’ll offer this as my own two cents. If you want to date Kate Mara, you should know that she–as well as as sister Rooney–pronounce their last name MARE-UH. Not MAHR-A. Copy?)

And if you want to date Kate, it’s probably best to keep the focus on Kate. Sure, ask how Rooney is doing, but don’t launch into an explanation of why The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is your favorite film.

In truth, Kate sounds like a pretty easy date. She prefers veggie burgers, fries and wine, but if you can hold you’re own in a political discussion, you might be in the mix. Also. You can’t be a football player. If you played football, that might be an asset… but if you’re an NFL guy right now–or probably even take fantasy football too seriously–you’re gonna need to change your ways.

OK. Enough from me. You wanna hear and look at Kate. So, get to it: Check out the video below!


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