Kendall And Kylie Jenner Respond To Kris And Bruce’s Divorce

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner both took to social media after it was announced that their mom was filing for divorce from their father, Bruce. So ends the 20-plus years of coupling of this odd couple.

Regardless of the relationship, divorce is a sad thing. It’s especially sad when couples divorce, because there’s an obvious amount of outside influence that throws the relationship into upheaval. Such would seem the case for Kris and Bruce Jenner. Bruce was not a fan of the reality bullsh*t. Kris breathes that stuff like the wonderful mix of nitrogen and oxygen we call air.

It would be easily supposed that Bruce loathed having to deal with the residual crap of being associated with the Kardashian crew. Always on the defense while giving an interviews… acting like he enjoyed the microscope that hovered over their household…? This dude was an Olympic Champion!?

Ultimately, it seems Kris is choosing all of this surrealism over her second husband. Perhaps it was a good run for a second marriage, when so many said she’d never really be over Robert Kardashian anyway. Maybe they were keeping the relationship rolling for the sake of their two daughters, and now that they feel the girls are old enough to understand, they can part ways… Who knows?

Kendall took immediate exception to the divorce, and posted a photo of her mom and dad when they were much younger. Whether she was suggesting to everyone that she was happy about their past, or suggesting to her parents, “See, remember when you guys were happy together? Why can’t we do that again?” Again… Who knows?

To see Kendall and Kylie’s social media responses, check out the video below!


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