Kendall Jenner Stuns In First Estee Lauder Video

Helga Esteb /

The 19 year old Kendall Jenner booked a solid deal with Estee Lauder, and it looks like the business relationship was a win-win for all parties involved.

Toward the end of 2014, Kendall agreed in principle–with momager Kris–to a contract with Estee Lauder to become the new face of the brand. Before the clock struck midnight to ring in the new year, Kendall had already signed on the bottom line, and the brand launched its new campaign.

Their official launch began with production, and a series of video and photo shoots, which we, the adoring (or perhaps annoyed) public, are now getting to see for the first time.

The first bit of action in the Estee Lauder campaign? They, with the help of Kendall Jenner’s eyes, are pushing their new black primer. This eyelash primer is known as The Little Black Primer, and it’s guaranteed to make your lashes look as lush as Kendall’s in the video below. OK. It’s not guaranteed to do that, but it’d probably help give that look of length and strength. Honestly, what else could we want for our lashes beyond length and strength?

As far as Kendall is concerned, she’s thrilled to be the face of Estee Lauder. According to the model and socialite, “I’ve grown up with Estée, that was all my mom would use. I remember the old lipstick cases that were gold and mirrored. It’s such a family brand for me because it’s been there my whole life so it is crazy to actually be doing this today.”

To see the spot, check out the video below!


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