Kendra Wilkinson Is Torn Over Divorce Decision

Helga Esteb /

This story has become a most epic seesaw ride. Real people. Reality TV stars. Sexual allegations with a transsexual model. It is almost everything you’d do if you were a reality TV producer in order to build an audience for a show. But then, there are the kids.

Kendra Wilkinson is no stranger to family drama, or being part of a broken family. At present, she claims she is hanging on to her marriage to Hank Baskett for the sake of her children, and her genuine love for Hank. She’s torn between the conflicting stories, including Hank’s consistent denial that he did not do what he has been accused of doing.

Now, there is allegedly audio evidence of Hank making more-than-friendly with transsexual model, Ava Sabrina London, and it has Kendra’s world in a tizzy. Kendra and Hank share two children, and are raising them together, regardless of the allegations.

According to Kendra, she has met with divorce lawyers, and she simply can’t decide what she should do. Her biggest fear is that Hank will just give up, and leave.

This is, of course, is playing out pitifully for WE TV, which is the cable home of Kendra’s reality show, Kendra On Top. So, who’s to say any of it real? Kendra? Hank? It is assumed that the “evidence” will carry some weight in Kendra’s decision, but not in the long run… she’ll likely stay with Hank, if he does stick around.

Fortunately, the parents are doing an excellent job of protecting their young children from this nonsensical mess, but at some point, how do they respond when a school nemesis of Hank Jr. says, “Your dad cheated on your mom with a lady who used to be a man!”


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