‘Kimmel’: Katy Perry Reveals Prank Inspired New Video

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Katy Perry stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to show off her newest shade of hair color and chat a little bit about what is going on in her life. She even let Jimmy in on a little something: He was the inspiration for her newest music video.

Perry was tired of the same-old-shtick in terms of music videos. She was tired of the video being beautiful and she was tired of being “sexy.” She was also tired of flaunting her body parts. She wanted to be funny. We do remember the successful video push with Katy’s “Last Friday Night,” which was completely over the top, but still fairly humorous, so the potential is there.

Inspired by Jimmy’s prank which sent millions to the Interwebs to see the twerking girl catch on fire, Katy decided to put together the video for her song, “Birthday,” by doing a little undercover work. Katy went so undercover, that she was beyond undercover. She was incognito. She was so incognito that she was beyond incognito. OK, you get the gist. For this video, Katy literally became other people and “entertained” at various birthday parties.

Katy has chosen the word “insane” to describe this video and says that we can expect to see it tomorrow — Thursday, April 24. From the few photos, and the clip that you can enjoy in the video below, it certainly looks quite promising. It almost looks like the crazy stuff Ashton Kutcher used to do with Dax Shepard on Punk’d.

Check out the clips in the video below and whet your desire for the video premier later this week!


James Sheldon