Kristin Cavallari: I Was ‘Used’ And ‘Manipulated’ By Laguna Beach

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Kristin Cavallari has some strong words about Laguna Beach

Although the MTV reality show launched her into the spotlight, the 27 year-old says that the show took advantage of the young stars’ naivete.

“We filmed the pilot, we had no idea what we were doing, we were just going along with whatever MTV was telling us to do,” she explained in a new OWN interview. “We were kids, we didn’t know. And then Laguna Beach literally turned into an overnight huge success. It was a wild time in my life.”

“Laguna Beach was tough, because I felt very, very used and manipulated,” Kristin continued. “And so being 16, 17, in high school, not being able to handle your emotions or even realizing what’s going on, I put up a wall and I put up a really tough exterior because they were really trying to take advantage of me.”

Check out the video to see what the producers of the show had her boyfriend do that made her feel so betrayed!

Kristin says filming the show was a really “difficult time,” and that she was really upset when she watched the show and found out how MTV had represented her.

What do you think — was she unfairly manipulated, or did she let go of her rights when she agreed to be on the show?


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