Kylie Jenner’s Family Furious She Died Her Hair Blue Before Wedding!

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Even teenage celebrities are still teenagers.

Kylie Jenner caused quite a stir in her family when she dyed her hair a bold, unnatural color this week. The 16 year-old went for a punk look, coloring the bottom 2/3 of her shoulder-length locks an electric blue.

Soon after, mom Kris Jenner freaked out — because Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian is getting married to Kanye West so soon, and Kris doesn’t want Kylie to have blue hair at the wedding.

Check out the video to see Kylie’s bold blue look. Do you think it’s inappropriate for an elegant wedding ceremony?

It’s definitely a punk rock look, but Kris’ concern might be unfounded. Kylie’s hair stylist said that Kylie was completely aware of how the dye job would fade, and that she’ll have no trouble going back to her natural brown color for the much-anticipated wedding.

Meanwhile, Kylie’s older sister Kendall made headlines this week for her teleprompter flub at the Billboard Music Awards. Kendall was supposed to introduce the band 5 Seconds to Summer, but couldn’t read the prompter (or had some kind of brain fart) and started to say “One” (as in “One Direction”?) before giggling and going silent. She later blamed the mistake on failing to wear her contacts.

In a way, it’s refreshing to know that these two have normal teenage moments!

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