Late Night Laughs: JLo and Jimmy Fallon’s Tight Pants Dance Off

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The mind of Jimmy Fallon is a wonderful thing. Truly. Where does this guy grab some of his delectable absurdity? Earlier this week, he welcomed Jennifer Lopez into the mix, and she was game to do some sketch participation with The Tonight Show host.

Jimmy and JLo donned wigs, stellar threads and some really tight pants. This, of course, was to set-off the “Tight Pants” song which turned into a dance off of sorts. Jimmy’s song, “Tight Pants,” is quite catchy. If you’ve yet to commit it to memory, you can catch the entirety on The Tonight Show YouTube channel. But this was about more than enjoying a song. This Tight Pants dance off, was about claiming the tight pants turf.

Jimmy made the mistake of claiming turf that had already been claimed, and his undiscovered competition, the presumed rightful owner of this tight pants turf, took exception. This rightful owner is most often known as JLo.

What began as a nice little song and dance turned ugly when Jimmy suggested that he was more apt to wear tight pants. We all know that Jimmy is capable of doing whatever he wants, but suggesting tight pants supremacy over Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example of being misguided in life.

Yes, these pants are absurdly awesome as you might imagine. White. Tight. Tapered. If you haven’t seen them yet, you must do so. And obviously, when you’re looking for instant comedy, nothing works like tight pants.

Check out the video below for a look at the Tight Pants Dance Off, and to see the wrap of the funniest of the funnies in late night from early this week.


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