Leah Remini Spills On BFF Jennifer Lopez

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Well, well, well…nothing like a little lightheartedness to usher us into the weekend. Are you still curious about all things Jennifer Lopez? Especially whether she and Casper Smart are on again? Never fail, Leah Remini will tell-all. Or will she?

Leah Remini. The older she gets, the more Brooklyn-gal she’s putting on full display. This is so refreshing after her long stint with Scientology. She never lost her feisty spirit while a member of the organization, but there was something quite agenda-driven. Now, Leah is as brash as some of the characters she has played — still, in a very loveable way. All this is to say: When Leah Remini opens her mouth, you never know what she’s going to say.

Leah recently joined the team at E! News, and shared her video’d, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in which she was doused by Jennifer Lopez. So, contrary to the headline, it was Jennifer Lopez who spilled on BFF Leah Remini. Leah refuses to get all loose-lipped when it comes to discussing her friend.

Leah let us all know that she doesn’t call Jennifer “J.Lo,” rather Jen, and she also let us know that she thinks anyone is crazy if they think she’s going to dish on the private life of her friend. Yeah. She was asked about the whole Casper Smart thing. And then asked again…and then asked again.

Check out the video below to see how Leah responds to all Jennifer Lopez questions, catch J.Lo drenching Leah in the ALS IBC.


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