Lena Dunham Apologizes For Bill Cosby Comparison To Holocaust

Photo by David Fisher/REX

Photo by David Fisher/REX

Do you wish people would stop apologizing for offending other people, because they broke the code of political correctness?

Lena Dunham expressed an opinion, and used an analogy to compare the Cosby scandal to someone who might be obsessed with the holocaust. She stated that people hammering Bill Cosby–in the manner Judd Apatow has–is similar to someone who is obsessed with the holocaust hammering the atrocities that took place during World War II. That’s a paraphrase.

Bad analogy, sure. But is it really that big of a deal?

You really can’t say anything anymore without offending someone… so let’s just all be offended. It seems people can’t say “I disagree.” They have to say, “That’s out of line! I’m offended.” If you’re one of these people–not likely if you’re here at Fame10 where the cool kids read–you gotta give it a rest. Seriously.

Lena apologized after the backlash on social media. Honestly. Why does she care? Does she think these people ramrodding her are fans? That they watch her show? That their opinion is validated because she used an improper example of the holocaust? Lena, and all celebrities who offend people out there in the regular world, should just realize that these people are irritated about everything. They’re now living to right the wrongs of others, while they stare at their phone and computer screens.

In the grand scheme of things, will anyone remember this in the long term? Heck. We’ve already forgotten about Ferguson, and moved on to Super Bowl chatter.

In the words of the 1980s, everyone needs to “Relax…”

To see more on this asininity, check out the video below.


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