Letterman Tells Walters He Regrets Treatment Of Lewinsky

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It seems Bill O’Reilly started a new trend, offering sympathy to celebrities who have their private lives broadcast to the public for the sake of scrutiny, comedy and/or television ratings. Add David Letterman to the list of individuals who are feeling more sympathetic these days.

While on her farewell tour, Barbara Walters stopped by to chat with David Letterman on the Late Show. During their conversation, the two television icons revisited a few things from the past, and Dave touched on one of his few regrets: Monica Lewinsky.

No, no, no. Dave did not have sexual relations with that woman, but he did make a wholelotta fun of her after she engaged in such acts with former president, Bill Clinton. In fact, Dave regrets running Monica through the wringer before she was even 25 years old.

It seems that the fellas who were riding the big waves of popularity during the 1990s, and into the 21st century, were surfing some unprecedented territory. Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton served as something of “permission” to take on-air ridicule and disrespect too far. Because there was no way avoiding the chatter, and because it could be discussed within the “rules” of television, a new precedent was set. It seems that Dave realizes that this wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

And how is it Barbara Walters gets everyone to open up about these things? It’s not in the style of Oprah when people always end up crying. When Barbara is interviewing, or even being interviewed, people seem to share things matter of fact.

To see the Late Show exchange, check out the video below.

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