Lindsay Lohan Facing Jail Time Again?

Photo by Photofab/REX

Photo by Photofab/REX

While you have to give troubled star Lindsay Lohan, 28, credit for seemingly making quite the effort of sorting out her life after spiralling out of control a few years ago, it seems things aren’t going that well again.

In 2012 Lohan was ordered to perform 240 hours of required community service as part of her plea deal for her reckless driving case when her Porsche smashed into a tractor trailer on June 8, 2012 after which she attempted to lie and claim it wasn’t her behind the wheel.

It seems however Lohan is nowhere close to completing her hours even after a judge gave her an extended timeline after her lawyer showed up to a November 6, 2014 court date unable to prove she had completed the hours.

Her lawyer argued that she had almost done half so the judge gave her until next Wednesday but TMZ is reporting she still is nowhere near done and could face jail time as a result.

Lohan is claiming that the incomplete hours have been beyond her control since the community service center in London, where she is now living, was closed for two weeks over the holidays.

Then Lohan was recently hospitalized after falling very ill after contracting a rare virus, Chikungunya, while on vacation in Bora Bora over the holidays.

Although that is a serious reason for not completing the hours, Lohan has a long history of excuses and failure to comply with probation or even show up to court which could urge the prosecutor to seek jail time.

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